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Tardive Dyskinesia symptoms and side effects
 Tardive Dyskinesia Symptoms

Reglan or its generic version, metoclopramide, is a leading cause of tardive dyskinesia, or other movement disorders brought on by changes the drug may produce in the brain. If you've taken Reglan or metoclopramide and have any of the following symptoms or side effects, you may have tardive dyskinesia. It is unlikely that you regular family doctor will be able to diagnose your tardive dyskinesia disorder properly. (To find a physician specialist near where you live with the right kind of advanced training, please contact Ralph Pittle.)

Tongue moves in mouth or sticks out of mouth
Chewing motion or grinding of teeth
Difficulty swallowing or eating; drooling
Trouble speaking, or feelings of a thick tongue
Facial grimacing, forehead wrinkling or head pulls to one side
Puckering lips
Eyes blink constantly, pull to one side, or otherwise move frequently
Excessive noises, clicking sounds, burping, puffing or blowing
Difficulty breathing

Headaches, especially “hatband” or muscle-tension ones

Jaws ache or are prone to spasm
Arms and legs move (like restless leg syndrome, but during wake times, not bed times), bouncy at times
Fingers move
Hands draw up or cramp, making holding something difficult
Arms and hands shake
Feet cramp; walking is difficult
Toes move
Back twists and arches; hips gyrate
Stomach movements
Diaphragm moves causing grunting or unusual noises

Heightened anxiety or the unusual feeling of a rapid heartbeat

Trembling, sometimes caused by a heightened sense of fear
Painfully aching muscles
Skin that feels itchy, tingling or painfully burning
General intense anxiety
Can’t sit still
Depression when none existed before
Trouble remembering things or figuring even simple things out
Noticeable change in behavior
Slowness of movements
Blank or expressionless face, even zombie-like
Walk with a shuffle
Rigid in parts of body
Thoughts or attempts at suicide when none existed before

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