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Ralph Pittle – America's Most Experienced Reglan Lawyer

Why you want Ralph Pittle to help you

If you are reading this page, you or someone close to you likely suffers the awful effects of tardive dyskinesia, tardive dystonia, akathisia or severe depression from Reglan or its generic twin, metoclopramide. For years you might have wondered, why did this happen to you? All you did was what you were told would make you better. You might be angry, maybe furious, and you almost surely are depressed.  But you are also ready to fight back. You want to try to right the wrong that has happened to you and you want to do everything you can to prevent this from happening to others. You are at a point where you have to make a very critical choice: Which lawyer will you trust to take your case? Who do you want to be the person who stands up for you against the big drug firms?

Ralph Pittle is different than most of your other people who want to be your lawyer. Most other attorneys are just now starting to take cases of TD caused by Reglan or  metoclopramide. Ralph took his first drug-caused TD case in 1985. His peers thought so highly of Ralph’s work that they voted him co-chairman of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America Tardive Dyskinesia Litigation Group. In 1989, Ralph was retained for the first case involving Reglan-induced tardive dyskinesia in the United States when he took on drug giant A.H. Robins Company, which was owned by the even larger American Home Product Corporation. Both companies are now part of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.
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Ralph’s 25-year campaign on behalf of drug-induced TD victims – both adults and children – has paid off for those families whom he has worked for against doctors and drug companies. Ralph has teamed with lawyers across the country to help secure claims for Reglan- and metoclopramide-caused suffering and helped persuade the FDA to require new warning labels for Reglan and metoclopramide products. Ralph and the lawyers who joined his team are the only lawyers to conduct complete document and deposition discovery against the drug companies. Two of Ralph’s earliest clients in Reglan litigation insisted that all records and files gathered in their cases be available to any of Ralph’s clients to use to push for a just outcome in other victims’ cases. As a result, Ralph’s clients save literally hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars that it otherwise would take to prepare their cases. Ralph and the law firms that joined him are the only lawyers in the country that have won this concession from the big drug makers. Because of Ralph’s long history pursuing Reglan and metoclopramide cases, he is uniquely prepared to review your facts, determine if you have a good claim and if so, how much that claim might be worth.

Ralph began his career not as a lawyer, but as a pharmacist. Born in Newark and raised in South Orange, NJ, he chose to go to the University of Michigan to earn a degree in pharmacy. While there, he took a six-month sabbatical to work in an Organic Chemistry Research Laboratory at Hoffman La Roche Pharmaceutical Company. He served as a research assistant to Dr. Leo Sternbach, the man who invented Valium. After those six months, he returned to the University of Michigan to complete his pharmacy degree. On finishing college, he moved back home to work in the pharmacy at Newark’s Presbyterian Medical Center, where he became a Registered Pharmacist. It was while at Presbyterian Medical that he first thought of using his knowledge of drugs in law, so he enrolled in the American University Washington College of Law in our nation’s capital. To earn money while in law school, Ralph worked for the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists creating drug monographs. This experience gave him keen insights about how to read and understand the industry’s own documents for the drugs they create and prescribe, a skill shared by very few other lawyers in the country. He earned a law degree with honors. American University specially cited Ralph for serving as director of the American University Legal Aid Services Program.

After law school, Ralph moved to the West Coast to serve as law clerk for then Chief Justice Orris Hamilton of the Washington State Supreme Court. He then joined Daniel Sullivan, one of Washington’s top plaintiff’s attorneys in medical malpractice cases. Sullivan was founder and president of the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association. Ralph also became a member of that group, as well as the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, the Seattle-King County Bar Association and the Washington State Bar Association.  When Ralph began a practice of his own he also taught Pharmacy Law at the University of Washington College of Pharmacy and he represented the Washington State Pharmacy Association.

Ralph’s legal career has focused on medical and medical manufacturer malpractice. In 1975, Ralph accepted his first Dalkon Shield case against the A.H. Robins Company and eventually went on to become the State of Washington’s first attorney to win a Dalkon Shield trial with what was then a record setting jury verdict of $650,000 in compensatory damages. What made the size of this verdict noteworthy was that Washington was one of only five states that did not allow punitive damages. Eventually his firm was counsel for more than 1200 Dalkon Shield victims with claims against the Dalkon Shield Claimants Trust. During the A.H. Robins Bankruptcy Proceedings, Ralph served as legal counsel for the International Dalkon Shield Victims Educations Association (IDEA). His efforts were chronicled in the critically acclaimed book by Richard Sobol, “Bending the Law: The story of the Dalkon Shield Bankruptcy.

With over 30 years of experience, Ralph has represented thousands of clients with cases involving medical malpractice, drug and device product liability and personal injury litigation. His cases have included breast implants, penile implants, Dalkon Shield IUDs, Copper 7 IUDs, Norplant contraceptive systems and various neuroleptic drugs including, Haldol, Thorazine, Melleril, and Reglan.
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