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Tardive Dyskinesia symptoms and side effects
 Informative Videos and Other Useful Info

The AIMS (Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale) test is the most widely used test done by movement disorder specialists to diagnose tardive dyskinesia. Below are some videos that will help you better understand the AIMS test and to see how a diagnosis is made. For clients who are having a friend or family member create a video of their movements, please follow what is done in these videos.

A few key rules:

Sit the person suffering from a movement disorder in a firm, straight-back chair with no arms. A common dining room chair is usually okay.
Put them against a plain background. Move furniture out of the way, if needed.
Turn off all TVs, radios or other distractions.
Notice how the videos rarely show more than the head, neck and shoulders. Make sure that whomever is taking the video is close enough to have the head, neck and shoulders fill the screen. Obviously, though, the video needs to pull back to show movements in the arms, hands, legs and feet.
Don't worry about saying anything. The purpose of the video is to simply show the uncontrolled movements.
  Click here for instructions on how to conduct an AIMS test.
  The videos on this page are in no special order and have some sections that repeat.

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