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Ralph Pittle - Reglan, Metoclopramide, Tardive Dyskinesia Attorney.

Few people have dedicated their lives more than Ralph Pittle, the lawyer behind Medical Legal Consultants of Washington, to helping those harmed by big medical device and drug companies, especially those who are suffering the side effects of taking Reglan® or its generic twin, metoclopramide. From his early training as a pharmacist, Ralph saw how the trust that people put in those who create and market “medical miracles” can lead to pain and suffering. It was why he went back to school to become a lawyer and it is what has kept inspiring him for more than 30 years.

Today Ralph focuses on just one type of case: the awful suffering some people have endured because of the drug Reglan (metoclopramide). Metoclopramide can lead to a permanent disability called tardive dyskinesia. Tardive dyskinesia, or TD, rips into someone’s quality of life with embarrassing and sometimes grotesque muscle spasms, such as constant blinking, scrunching up the face, sticking out the tongue and other muscle spasms and twitches. (Click here to check your symptoms against a list of those for tardive dyskinesia.) Tardive dyskinesia often robs its victims of their zest for life, leading them into depression and sometimes thoughts of suicide.

You can have a personal chat with Ralph to help you decide if you want him to champion your case. It doesn't cost you anything and won't until you win a cash settlement from those to blame for your suffering. Please fill out the form on this page and click Submit. Ralph or someone in his office will personally call you back.
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Few lawyers can match Ralph Pittle’s depth of experience working on drug-caused tardive dyskinesia. Here are a few milestones and highlights from his quarter century of working directly with these kinds of TD cases.

In 1985, Ralph took his first case of drug-induced tardive dyskinesia. He won a settlement for that client.
In 1989, Ralph pursued the first case in the United States against the A.H. Robins Company and American Home Product Corporation, the manufacturers of Reglan, involving Reglan-induced tardive dyskinesia. A court ruled that her doctor should have told her the risks.
Ralph’s leadership led to his being elected co-chairman of the Tardive Dyskinesia Litigation Group at the Association of Trial Lawyers of America. (now known as the American Association for Justice).
Ralph’s team secured the right to use the full document discovery and deposition testimony it acquired from A.H. Robins, Wyeth and generic manufacturers on early cases in all future cases where he is part of the client’s team, which could greatly benefit his clients.
Ralph can offer new clients a well-grounded estimate of what their case might be worth based on his 20-year history of fighting Reglan and generic metoclopramide cases.
Ralph led a team of lawyers that secured landmark rulings from Courts of Appeals in Washington, Texas and California that greatly boost his Reglan clients’ ability to win substantial cash settlements.
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